is a brand dedicated
to professionals.

High-quality construction chemicals were created as a result of specialist knowledge and vast experience gained by our staff for many years. SAXBO products meet the stringent European construction standards. What's more, each of the products has been tested by us in many quality tests. SAXBO is a guarantee of safe, fast and comfortable work.

Welcome to the world of great building solutions – welcome to SAXBO! We are a leading brand in the field of construction chemicals, offering a wide range of products that help your projects achieve the highest quality and durability.

Our passion for excellence and innovation shapes every product in our diverse portfolio. Installation foams, adhesives, sealants and foam guns are just some of the tools that enable you to turn your ideas into reality. Our products meet the highest quality standards, so you can be sure that your projects will be durable and effective.

At SAXBO, we know that every construction project is unique. That is why we focus on diversity and flexibility in our offer. Our assembly foams ensure reliable connections, adhesives guarantee a strong and durable connection of materials, and sealants protect against moisture and adverse weather conditions. Our foam guns are tools that enable precise and effective applications.

Our company is not only products, it is also committed specialists who are ready to help you in the implementation of your projects. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are your partner at every stage of construction, providing you not only with products, but also with support and expertise.

We are proud of our brand and proud of what we have achieved. At SAXBO, we believe that solid foundations are the key to successful projects, which is why we provide you with tools that help you build unique spaces. You are building the future with us!