Spray rubber is a tool that is revolutionizing roof and gutter repairs. Its advantage is the ease of application and the ability to adapt to various shapes and surfaces. Whether you’re repairing a roof, a gutter or exterior decorative elements, our spray rubber will do the trick.

Availability in four colors – black, grey, brown and brick – allows for a perfect match to the existing color scheme, guaranteeing an aesthetic finish. Thanks to the innovative formula, our spray rubber creates a flexible, durable layer, resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation.

Regardless of the complexity of the repair, our spray rubber for roof and gutter repairs is ready to meet the challenges. It provides effective and lasting effects, and thanks to the availability of various colors, it allows you to maintain the consistency of the building’s appearance.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our innovative product – Spray Rubber for repairing roofs and gutters – on our website.

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