We present our specially developed collection of painting acrylics, which are the perfect solution for filling cavities in walls. Our painting acrylics are: instantly paintable acrylic, interior-exterior acrylic, light putty acrylic and grain acrylic for façades. All available in white, they are characterized by exceptional durability and quality, ensuring professional repair results and surface preparation for painting.

✓ Immediate paintability ✓ Multifunctional use ✓ Tailored to the specificity of the surface ✓ Flexibility

Our range of painting acrylics is designed for a variety of wall repair projects. The ‘immediately paintable acrylic’ variant is an excellent choice if you want to repair defects quickly and be ready to paint immediately. The ‘indoor-outdoor acrylic’ variant provides versatility of use, both indoors and outdoors, making your repairs durable and aesthetic.

For those who value lightness and precision, we recommend ‘light acrylic filler’, ideal for leveling small defects and unevenness. On the other hand, ‘acrylic for facades with grain’ is the perfect solution for repairs on facades, providing not only a perfect finish, but also the right structure.

All of our paint acrylics are available in a white shade for easy further painting and customization to any color palette. Thanks to their unique paintability properties, you will not only fill in the cavities, but also get a smooth and prepared surface for painting.

Discover our wide range of painting acrylics on our website. Choose the right variant for your needs and trust our experience as a manufacturer of construction chemicals. Get your walls ready for a new look with our high-quality paint acrylics.

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