SAXBO - Polish manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals

is a brand dedicated
to professionals.

High-quality construction chemicals were created as a result of specialist knowledge and vast experience gained by our staff for many years. SAXBO products meet the stringent European construction standards. What's more, each of the products has been tested by us in many quality tests. SAXBO is a guarantee of safe, fast and comfortable work.

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Our products

  • Mounting foams

Below are the three most important principles that guide us
in our business.


As a manufacturer of construction chemicals, we have a big challenge ahead of us. We understand the threats facing humanity. We strive to ensure that the formulas of our products can minimize the negative impact of humans on the environment.

Most of our products are already free from hazardous solvents such as toluene. Mounting foams and SAXBO adhesives for polystyrene meet stringent standards for thermal insulation in order to fit into the broadly-reaching trend of energy-saving construction.


We focus on modern products and solutions. We want to promote innovative and practical ideas for the development of the construction industry. You will not find ordinary assembly adhesives in our offer, as we prefer to focus on products that are the future.

Our marketing activities are also directed to educating customers, installers and retail consumers. We intend to share our knowledge and experience so that everyone can use modern construction products.

Awareness of change

Our business strategy is prepared based on the constant changes taking place in science, legislation, society and business. We monitor and study these phenomena to be fully prepared for the new reality.

 New technologies that we like to use are an inseparable element of the change. Full automation of processes allows us to provide products and services to our customers in a better and faster way.

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