Our offer includes three variants: universal silicone, sanitary silicone and neutral sanitary silicone, available both in white and colorless. Our silicones are characterized by excellent quality and durability, making them indispensable tools in the field of sealing and finishing.

✓ Universal application ✓ Perfect sealing ✓ High resistance to water and weather conditions

Our range of silicones has been created to meet a variety of needs and projects. The ‘universal silicone’ variant is a versatile solution, excellent for sealing and finishing in a variety of areas. If you care about professional sealing of bathroom and sanitary surfaces, we recommend ‘sanitary silicone’, which provides not only durable connections, but also resistance to moisture and mold.

For those who intend to seal metals and sensitive materials, such as marble, PVC or polystyrene, we recommend ‘sanitary neutral silicone’, which after curing does not react with various surfaces.

All our silicones are available in white and colorless, which allows you to easily match the aesthetics of a given space. Whether you are working on bathroom projects, kitchen projects or other areas, our silicones will provide durable and aesthetic finishes.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full range of silicones on our website. Choose the right variant for your needs and trust our experience as a manufacturer of construction chemicals. Prepare your spaces for long-term use with our high-quality silicones.

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