Our range of mounting foams is the perfect solution for your construction projects. We offer high-quality assembly foams that guarantee durable and safe connections between various building materials. Thanks to our innovative formulations and advanced technology, our mounting foams are easy to use and deliver excellent results.

✓ Durable connections ✓ Easy application ✓ High efficiency ✓ Excellent insulation ✓ Year-round formula

We provide a wide selection of mounting foams that are ideal for installing joinery, insulation or other construction applications. Our products are resistant to changing weather conditions and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. With SAXBO mounting foams, you can easily connect various materials, such as wood, metal, concrete, plasterboards and many others. Thanks to our wide range of products, you will find the perfect mounting foam for every project.

Learn more about our mounting foams and choose the products that best meet your construction needs. Trust our experience as a manufacturer of construction chemicals and buy the highest quality assembly foams.

Assembly foam cleaner
Dirt caused by the application of various elements on the construction site can be quickly removed with the help of our cleaning and degreasing solvents for polyurethane. These products are available in liquid and spray form.

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