Explore our versatile collection of mounting adhesives, specifically designed for construction projects. Our assembly adhesives are a key tool for professionals and amateurs looking for reliable solutions for permanently joining various building materials.

✓ Exceptional Durability ✓ Precise Joints ✓ Use in Various Conditions ✓ Resistance to weather conditions

Our range of assembly adhesives includes a variety of products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding designers and contractors. Whether you are installing wall panels, laying floors or attaching decorative elements, our adhesives will provide excellent adhesion and durability.

The assembly adhesives we offer are characterized not only by exceptional strength, but also by excellent flexibility. Thanks to this, they are an ideal solution even for materials with different properties, such as wood, metal, ceramics or plastics. Our products guarantee precise and durable connections, eliminating the need for additional fasteners.

In addition, our assembly adhesives are adapted to various environmental conditions. Regardless of whether the work takes place indoors, outdoors or in difficult weather conditions, our adhesives will maintain the durability of their joints, ensuring peace and confidence for many years.

Supported by our professional experience as a manufacturer of construction chemicals, we offer not only products, but also support and advice. Our team of experts will be happy to help you choose the right mounting adhesive tailored to the specifics of your project.

See for yourself how our assembly adhesives can improve the quality of your construction projects. We invite you to visit our website, get acquainted with the full offer and choose solutions that will meet your expectations. Trust the SAXBO brand and choose durable and effective connections thanks to our assembly adhesives.

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