Introducing our collection of specialty sealants, designed specifically for construction experts and repair professionals. In our offer you will find a unique product that is a real innovation: Spray Rubber for Repairing Roofs and Gutters. Available in 4 colors – black, grey, brown and brick red – this advanced sealant ensures effective repairs, regardless of the type and color of the surface.

✓ Innovative Repair ✓ Durability for Extreme Conditions ✓ Multicolor Choice

For applications in high temperature conditions, we recommend a high temperature sealant that provides durability and flexibility in extreme temperatures. Thanks to our products, specialists can be sure that the repairs and seals made are solid and effective, even in difficult conditions.

Our range of specialist sealants is dedicated to professionals who require exceptional quality and effectiveness. Thanks to advanced formulas and innovative technology, our sealants provide long-term protection and sealing, regardless of the specifics of the project.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of specialist sealants on our website. Choose the right product for your needs and trust our experience as a manufacturer of construction chemicals. Take on your projects with confidence knowing you have tools at your disposal that are tailored to the most demanding applications.

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