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Which adhesive for construction foil?

What is the best adhesive for a vapor barrier film?

From this article you will learn:

– Advantages of spray adhesives.
– How to glue the foil?
– What is the efficiency of the film adhesive?
– Is it possible to glue foil with foil?
– What are other uses for the glue?
– How to remove the glue?

Sticking the vapor barrier foil to the profiles is time-consuming and tedious work. Degreasing profiles, cutting the right length of double-sided tape strips, sticky scissors, problems with tearing off the paper layer from the tape are just some of the problems that occur when performing attic insulation. Fortunately, there is a product that solves all problems. It is a modern SAXBO spray adhesive for vapor barrier foil.

Advantages of spray adhesive for vapor barrier film.

SAXBO spray adhesive for vapor barrier foil is a one-component aerosol that can be used for many building materials, such as concrete, brick, wood, mineral wool or foil. The glue also acts as a degreaser, so there is no need to clean the profiles before starting work.

How to glue the foil?

Using the glue is incredibly easy. Just apply the right amount of glue to the profiles (CD, UD, CW, UW) and wait 30 seconds. Then apply the foil and press firmly. There is no need to hurry with sticking - the special formula of the glue ensures that the foil can be glued even within 60 minutes of applying the glue. In the case of uneven gluing of the foil, it can be easily torn off and glued again (without reapplying glue). In addition, SAXBO spray adhesive for vapor barrier foil has an adjustable applicator that allows you to decide on the spray power.

What is the performance of the foil adhesive?

As a rule, one 500ml can of glue has a capacity of up to 100mb. Considering that the glue is not applied over the entire profile, but only partially (similarly to the double-sided tape), its efficiency can be estimated at approx. 50m².

Is it possible to glue foil with foil?

Of course! SAXBO spray adhesive is incredibly versatile. It can be used with materials such as:

  • concrete
  • brick
  • wood
  • glass
  • fabrics
  • jam
  • gum
  • paper
  • PE, PP, PVC, PUR and others (except EPS, XPS and Teflon).

What are other uses for glue?

SAXBO spray glue for foil can also be used for many other works, including:

  • gluing edges of carpets,
  • carpets
  • bonding of EPDM
  • membranes
  • connecting foam
  • expansion joints (expansion tapes to the wall)
  • gluing cartons, paper, cardboard
  • gluing cork panelling
  • as a primer when preparing porous and non-porous substrates for further finishing works

How to remove the glue?

The adhesive is water resistant and sticks to the fabric, making it almost impossible to remove with water and a cloth. For quick and easy removal of adhesive, use the SAXBO Foam and Adhesive Cleaner. It is a specialized preparation that will deal with dirt very quickly. It is available in two forms: a 1000ml bottle and a smaller 100ml bottle with an atomizer.

More information about spray adhesive for vapor barrier foil can be found here.